First please don't be put off by the title..I am just tired of dealing with kids who claim to know what they are doing and make more of a mess than anything!

I had my site developed in 2000, and am now looking to make some changes, branch out a bit. The coding on the site is fabulous however the original developers have "Made it big" and no longer have time for smaller projects. While these changes are not small by any means, they are compared to jobs for large companies..LOL

Anyway. I am looking for someone with several yrs steady PHP development experience who knows what they are doing yet is affordable and flexible. I am on a strict budget and can not pay tons of money. While I respect someones rates, I know how it is I am married to a developer, I am still rather poor Someone who could work for payments would receive preferencel and someone local in Seattle would be AWESOME!

Anyway if interested please email me. There is much potential in this being a long term job with updates and such always needed so please feel free to email me.