I am just to bad at it since flash 5 i just lost the plot.

Anyway i am looking for a flash intro to my site www.serious-sounds.net.

I am a poor man and the site is subsidised by the people who use it so the money available is only 20 but at the same time the task in hand needs to be no longer than 1min in animation time and also the creator has alot of 'slack' to use there imagination and come up with a great idea using there initiative of what the site is about [music production].

If you are interested please reply with links to past work for me to check out.

The succesfull aplicant will receive an email acknowledging they have the contract and payment will be made via paypal to them after the finished flash is seen and accepted.

After acceptance i will pay the 20 and you will send the data file for me to update any text and alter anything that needs to be done......so basically you can do one with "your site here" text and stuff so u know i aint gonna steal it and not pay you!

I know the money is low but i hope for any experienced flash maker putting together a portfolio they will see the advantage and also that it may only take them 1 or 2 hours to make/complete!

examples of flash i have seen which i like are:


So hopefully you can see i aint after too much and these templates shown vary in price from 27 to 11 it is just i want to see first if anyone who needs a chance and deserves the money more could come up with a nice one for me!

and off-course the ultimate of them all for style even though not an intro but full site:


^ lol had to get that one in but i am not expecting as amazing 3D in an intro as that site has for the site!

Anyway if interested like i say post up some links of your previous work for me to check out!