Hi there,

I'm after someone who wants to create a flash game but doesn't have any particular reason to create it...
I have a site and I'm really quite crappy with flash, everything I've done has turned out shoddy.

I'm hoping the solution will be to get someone else to do it!

If there's someone out there who would like to create a flash game for me, of pretty much any style/genre they want (that somehow ties vaguely with the rest of the site) - I'd like to put it on my site, with of course excessive linking to the site of the creator.

We get a reasonable amount of traffic and have a nice enough pagerank, so I guess the upside would be nice linking to your site.

The site is Pith Records - we're a not-for-profit indie record label based in Melbourne, Australia.
The not-for-profit bit explains why I can't actually pay anyone to do this for me..

if you recon this'd be the kind of thing you'd like to have a whack at shoot me an email to will [at] pith records [dottle] com.