I need to hold a draft for a sports league.

The script will need to:

1. allow me to update the player list via a comma delimited text file.
2. separate players by position
3. providd sortable list for players
4. the player list also supports ratings
5. allow for the creation of teams
6. allow for the creation of user names
7. with logins, allow for the selection of players
8. allow for selections to be made in advance, then when that individuals pick is up, make selection for them based on whom is left and their entires.
9. allow for the storage of past draft results for historical purposes.
10. allow admin to make selections for members
11. allow admin to set max/min selections for draft picks.
12. allow for creation of draft order
13. allow for editing of draft order
14. admin options like maximum picks of a certain position, etc,
15. ability to change draft grouping. e.g., one season, teams may pick players individually one by one, next season teams may assemble squads in set, such as selecting pitt lb's will result in receiving all pitt lb's.
16. an area to display rules and messages.
17. Once that player is selected, it becomes unavailable to other users so you can't have duplications.
18. keep a record of past drafts

I hope this gives you an idea. this is the first time ive neded somethign like this made, so im sure i may have left something off.

Since this is just for a small classic gaming hobby site, how much would it cost?