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    Wanted - Flash & Photoshop artist for task on my webpage

    Hello there!

    All righty, here's teh deal. I need someone to make a nice header picure and a menu bar, much like the one on this webpage: www.legion-of-honor.com. I want something that will match my webpage's color scheme at www.noahneiman.com/lineage2. I plan on doing away with the current flash-header, as it's a little too techno-ish for a fantasy game like Lineage2 (which is what that section of my website is for), and replacing it with the header that you will make and I will be replacing the flash navigation with the navbar you will make, described below.

    So, what I need is a header picture, similar to the one on the legion-of-honor.com page. The text I want on there should look just like it does on my webpage now, except in different colors, mainly matching my website's primary colors (shades of gray). I'll provide you with the fonts. I want to have a guy or girl from the in-game engine of Lineage 2 to be off to the right, and then the text will be on the left, and then there will be a dark-gray (top) to light-gray (bottom) gradient in the background with maybe a black stroke around it. You may want to just crop out some of the characters they have on their headers at www.legion-of-honor.com to use. The gradient on the background should match the overall color scheme of the character used on each header.

    I want to have about 5 different headers, each with a different race (1. Human Female, 2. Dark Elf Male, 3. Dwarf Male, 4. Orc Male, 5. Elf Female). However, nothing will change except for the character render of the guy/girl on the right of the header and the color of the gradient. Everything else will be the same. The pictures are obviously artwork that rightfully belongs to the talented artists at NCsoft. We'd merely be borrowing them and editing them to reveal to the world a tiny bit of the Lineage II world's beauty.

    We'll go over the details a bit more after I hire you.

    As far as the nav bar goes, it should be a dark gray to light gray back to dark gray gradient, with light gray in the middle. The text should be black, but look inset, and should sprawl across my webpage area, but not across the background area, obviously. It should have a mouse-over effect, maybe making the text glow orangish, close to the color of all the links on my webpage. I'll let you know what the urls need to be and what text I want to have on it after I hire you.

    I'd also like a small bar to go above the "News" area that is gray, but has the shiny gel effect on it (not TOO shiny) with rounded corners. I want to be able to edit the text and the length myself if at all possible so I can use it for other things. I have PS7, so I just make it to where it's easy to edit .

    That's pretty much it. If you have any questions or think you can do this for a reasonable price, reasonably quickly (like say within a few days or a week or so), please email me at noah@noahneiman.com, post here, or both and we'll go over the details.

    All right, thanks a lot for your interest!

    Edit: Sorry. I totally forgot about this. I also want one large header for my forums at www.noahneiman.com/forums. If should have the same format as the other headers, except with no guy on the right and the text should be centered, and it will be a different font. And then the same thing only to fit onto the front page of my website at www.noahneiman.com. No picture of a guy, just the text and gradient.

    Ok, thx!
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