Hi there!

Ok, so here's the deal: I need one of you talented artists to make me a couple navbars. By a couple, I mean just a few ones that are the same in every respect, except they have different buttons on them.

I want the to resemble the one they have at Legion-of-Honor.com, only I want it to match the main theme at my webpage at www.noahneiman.com, so maybe it'll have a grayish gradient effect instead of the white-beige effect that have.

One navbar is to have these buttons in this order from left to right: Home, Musicians, Contact Us, Dur Megil, Member Login, Forums

The other navbar should have these buttons, left to right: Dur Megil Home, Join, About, Rules, FAQ, NoahNeiman.com Home, Forums

Now, I want all the buttons to be the same size, so if you can't fit all the text in one button, just put some words under others, like this:


centered of course . When a user puts their mouse over the button, I want the text to glow orange-ish, to match the color of the links I've got on my website now.

If possible, I want to be able to add more buttons or edit the text myself, later on. If it's not possible, don't worry about it.

Ok, well, that's pretty much it. We'll go over more details later. If you are interested, email me at noah@noahneiman.com, and thanks!

Noah Neiman.