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    Programmer/Project Manager needed

    I am currently designing a web application for my business and am looking for a programmer skilled in the following disciplines;

    ASP.NET (VB.NET or C#),
    SQL (Access or MS SQLServer),
    good Data modelling skills (I have a basic framework for a RDBMS which needs to be refined),
    XML/XSL/XSD (I want to create documents in various Formats especially PDF and ofcourse HTML) and
    Project Management Skills.

    I work in the Real Estate Business and the purpose of my project is to develop a Web based Application which roughly does the following;

    1. Allows Users can create PDF and HTML Documents on the fly. For example, create a PDF brochures describing a property.
    2. Authorisation and Authentication based on Type of User.
    3. Website Administrator must be able to ensure that contact between Users of the Application remains anonymous (ie they cannot contact each other without my knowledge/approval). Users must however be able to contact each other by E-Mail. Users will be programmatically assigned pop3 accounts when they register. It is important that I have records of all the E-mails users have sent.
    4. Users have to pay when creating PDF documents (using Paypal PIN).

    My knowledge of the ASP.NET/Classic ASP is basic and driven by a mostly non-professional (until now) interest. I can pretty much read and understand but cannot write (advanced) VB.NET code.

    What I need is someone to firstly make sure that my datamodel is sound and then write some code mostly for the data and business logic level, less so for the UI.

    While I am open to suggestions how this relationship would be managed I would suggest the following;

    1. Agree provisionally on Terms and Working Method ie. Cost per Hour, Frequency of Billing and Payment and General Admin (I need invoices for my accounts). I am UK based and can pay in Euros or Sterling.
    2. Programmer's References and examples of Work etc.
    3. Project Overview where Programmer and I review the project so far (I have a basic Data Model and rough Functional Spec) and revise it and set objectives. Obviously I would pay for this stage on the agreed hourly basis, and we would draw up some kind of agreement regarding Terms and Working Method. Budget would obviously be discussed here as well.

    I have no experience in this matter so I am just using what I consider common sense and my own personal preferences for working. While I like a relaxed working environment, I do think a clear framework for the work is necessary from the start with open and honest appraisal. On the programming front, aside from ultimately deploying this application for the benefit of my business, I also have an interest in learning as much as possible regarding developing and ASP.NET Web Application and envisage myself having a fairly hands on involvement. Anyhow, bottom line is I want to learn, not just ASP.NET, but generally how such a project is managed, so I am open to suggestions and will defer to experience and common sense.

    I look forward to hearing from you

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    This would be more suited for the Hire A Programmer forum.
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    Hello wastlinger,

    Before making any bids, I prefer to see detailed specs and stages' definitions( which makes developer's life easier for estimates). And I assume you would like parties involved in this kind of project to sign NDA aggrement. I can sign NDA if you are able to fax it to me.

    I have my own small software/web development company located in Netherlands. So I send official bills for work I do. Actually I have 2 webdesigner clients living in UK where I do work for( and few in US). I can provide references if you would like to talk to them.

    I am currently working on a migration project ( I can give you details in private messages/emails if you are interested ) written in ASP using MsSQL through COM to ASP.NET(C#) using MsSQL through webservice. Messaging system is XML and I parse XML data by using XSLT files. XML are used for requests to COM object and getting data from COM. Yes it is almost same as webservices.

    If you are interested drop me an email to discuss it further

    Best Regards

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