I am looking to hire someone that is familiar with a Guestbook created by Ron Woolley called VizBook.

I have hired Ron several times to install his Perl script guestbook on five of my client's sites. The problem is he has never installed the last version and I have no idea how to install it. I have emailed him over and over again with no response and I even broke down and tried to call him in Australia.

Here is what I need.

I need the script installed from scratch on one site... meaning this is the one I paid for but was never done.

Then, I need on four other sites, the scripts fixed. I recently moved all my websites over to another server and it has messed up all my guestbooks. Although the books are working, I am not able to go in and make changes in the admin pages. I have also lost some of the passwords due to a computer problem.

If you are interested, please email me at kimhuff@huffamily.com. I would prefer to find someone that is familiar with Vizbook for obvious reasons. However, if you feel this is something you could figure out.. AND if I cant find anyone that knows Vizbook, I would be interested in hiring someone that would be willing to look into it.

Thank you in advence,

Kim Huff