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    Thumbs up C++ Jobs

    My client is in need of good C++ Software Engineers.

    You will design, implement, test, maintain and document development tools for the flagship product and new products. This will involve C++ programming and integration using our macro language and form editor.

    You should possess outstanding problem solving and communications skills. Familiarity with a variety of development tools and environments is a plus.

    Minimum Requirements:
    q BS in Computer Science or equivalent with 3 years production development experience.
    q Proficient programming in C or C++.
    q Proficient in Object Oriented analysis, design, and programming.
    q Experience designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining complex programs.
    q Experience developing Windows or UNIX applications.
    q Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms and their effective use.
    q Experience programming in event-driven, graphical environments (Win32, MFC, X Windows, Mac).
    q Familiarity with a variety of development tools and environments.
    q Experience using IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), preferably Eclipse.
    q Excellent problem solving, communication, and documentation skills.

    Desired Skills:
    q Experience with performance tuning techniques.
    q Experience with Java, Swing, AST, JSP, HTML, and XML.
    q Experience with Microsoft.NET.
    q Knowledge of and experience with compilers and parsing.

    If you are interested please send me a word version of your resume to the following email. rpuglisi@vision-hr.com
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    You do know, don't you, that there is a forum here for job postings?

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    Where are you in the world?
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    The job is in North Carolina

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