I'm about to start on the second part of my senior project for college and basically need a ton of people to help me out. In return I can probably help you out also.

I'm designing a website that helps employers and employees find each other. Sort of like a job site but not really because my site isn't a job site but it's a site that links to other job sites and tries to match employer with employee based on categories, words, and etc.

What I need are people that are willing to let me help them. I've done the basic coding already and need lots of test subjects who are willing to let me help them gain more exposure for their jop openings or for their job seekings.

If you are willing, you will only need to send me your e-mail address and the link to your post or a description of what your job opening is or what your qualifications are. From there, I will enter your info into my database and if things turn out well, you will start getting e-mails with matches.

Let me know if you can help me help you please!