Hi guys,

My name is Rossi and I'm a recruiter for the game talent agency Lady Geek.
I'm recruiting programmers for Sony, Activision Blizzard, Media Molecule and Ubisoft in the UK right now. All of these studios offer to pay relocation if they like you and want to hire you.
We have direct contacts with the Art Directors and Lead Programmers from the studios, so if we like you we'll send your application straight to them.

Here's a list of the roles I'm looking for right now (I will edit this post if something is taken or new things pop up):

- Lead Programmer (at least 3 published game titles)

- Lots of Tools Programmers of all levels

- Graphics Programmer (1 published title)

- System Admin

- Gameplay programmer

-Audio Programmer

- any other programmers with game experience or no game experience feel free to send me your details as well. we have lots of programmer jobs coming all the time.

These are the requirements for most of these jobs:
Visual Studio
MFC tools

PM me for more information or with your details!