Hello, I have a project in C# that need editing to a new system.

The project does the following:

It emulates the same steps as if a user went to "website.com/" and downloaded a program via the browser. but programmatically using Fiddler data with httprequest and very important with browser cookies, javascript cookies, and tracking scripts. I want to run exe file and it will do it all programmatically with all the request the same as if i did it via the browser.

What you will have to do:

I have old project + the fiddler file for the website it was created for, you can use it as an example to understand it all.
we will need to modify the project by a new fiddler report file which has a new system (new links, new tracking codes, new javascript scrips) to this project.

Every tracking code (url line from fiddler) needs to be analyzed (for the cookies for the url parameters etc..) and sometime decoded to make it all work. It should execute lines just like fiddler (urls) step by step with the right cookies (regular and sometime JS and url parameters) change the url sometime and basically should be the same request as the browser make. This work doesn't require much of C# maybe small edits the most important is to understand how the tracking works and make the project fit the fiddler report.

This can be a long term work because I will need ongoing edit once a while.
but need this one done quickly and it should take about 5-10 hours max for you to understand the way it works and to create it.

please bid by your skill if you have a lot of skill it will take less time to understand and create it so I will pay more per hour.

Skills required:
C# (Project written in it)
Javascript (To understand the tracking codes)