We are looking for hiring highly opinionated, technology agnostic technical folks who are looking for a challenge. If you're pro open-source but not a religious nut about it, if you think job satisfaction is just as important as financial compensation, and if you are looking to work with colleagues who, though non-technical, have the horsepower to call you on your BS, then get in touch with me.

In particular we are looking to fill the following three positions (all are full time, not contract) in Washington, DC:

Database Developer/DBA
You should be very hands on and also enjoy the crystalline purity of a logical data model but not so much that you fear sullying it with actual data. You appreciate that mongoDB may well have its place in the world but will stop short of normalizing to the point of two field tables. You may be designing a data model one day, helping to design the ETL approach for a data warehouse another day, and tuning an Oracle DB the third. Attitude and horsepower are just as important as skills and experience. We're too small a team for you to sit in a box playing with asm all day.

System Administrator/Swiss army knife
A jack of all trades, solid and versatile. Looking for eagerness and confidence with technology, a geek in toto. You will be writing scripts, helping out with front-end javascript/HTML, setting up a LAMP stack, tuning a VM and in general acting as the destroyer escort of our fleet. If during the power plant sabotage scene in the Matrix Reloaded you actually checked to see if what she typed on the terminal made sense and you know what script.aculo.us is, then you'll be a good fit.

Web developer
Skilled browser side web developer. Someone who isn't afraid of CSS but understands that there is a such a thing as architecture when it comes to writing javascript. Very helpful if you grok Tufte, have strong opinions as to when to use jquery and when not to, and don't think that node.js is as crazy an idea as it sounds.

Find out just how rewarding it can be solving interesting problems for smart people working towards a high impact goal.

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