Welcome to Alfheim project, what is Alfheim?

Alfheim is a futurist Browser MMO-RPG/RTS. Set in a futurist Univers.

How Does it work ?

Once you registred on Alfheim you will create your Virtual character by selecting is gender, name, age.

After full-filling the requirement you will be launch into the game as a civilian of Alfheim, a newly discovered planet where human have settle. Alfheim is a habitable planet and have currently it's own species on it called Skinnies, they are violent "bugs" with great intelligence and some can be 6-7 time bigger then a human. The wars for survival and domination begin...

Character Profil ( Skills, Stats, exp.. )
Equipement such as Weapon, Armor, Accessory
Vehicules ( Ship, Tank, etc.... )
Market ( Buy, Sell & Trade )
Economie ( Currency )
Community ( Newspaper, Forum )
Cash Shop
Real Time
Territory Wars ( Something animated would be great, noting too fancy )

I know this project is pretty big but i am not in a hurry to complete it, i am not willing to hire more then one free-lancer and do not pay per hours but by Feature or work done ( exemple: we discuss about a template for the website and determine a price, once it's done then i will pay, advance possible only to serious people, im not looking to be scammed. )

I am not interressed in having 10 developer touching my game so i would like someone who can do everything by himself or do not require external help very often ( i have money but im not multi millionaire... ) Payment would be made vi paypal if possible.

If you require more information or are interressed about my project feel free to contact me here

if you want an exemple or something "similar" ( not really but can give an idea to what im tryting to make ) you can chek out ( browser Part ), EVE Online ( skills,equipement etc ... )

Cordially, John.