Hi everyone, my name is Nicu and I'm a PHP developer with 4-5 years of experience in web development.

I'm currently a technical co-founder of a UK-based startup and at this point I have some free time - more than I need and now I'm looking to take some freelance web dev work. My skillset list includes:
  • PHP - OOP, MVC, ORM, CodeIgniter framework (advanced level)
  • MySQL (advanced level)
  • JavaScript - including JQuery (intermediate level)
  • HTML/CSS (intermediate level)

Additional skills: Payment gateway integration (Paypal, Worldpay), Facebook and Twitter authentication, Communication with SOAP and XML protocols, *nix web server configuration (AWS i.e cloud, Linode)

My rate is $11 (USD) per hour.

If interested please send me an email at gmail, username: nicalai