Welcome potential employees!
I'm Lloyd a young visionary and concept developer. I am starting,well at least trying, to make a company that will make and distribute a series of games over the next few years.

Bluewiregaming (BWG) is the company name and as of now it's just me and a sprite/gfx designer.
We will need:
-Lead developer
-co-developer(can be me if your willing to teach me)
-secondary gfx and sprite designer
-marketing advisor
(Pays can be discussed, but I can guarantee this project will provide fun and experience as well as compensation for time and effort)

Here is the first game we will be working on.
It's an 8-bit 2d western shooter.(sounds a bit odd)
Multiplayer game in which people play competitively in matches like free for all, Objective based, and team shootouts.
Game feature ideas(may not be included in the end of development) include:
-Ranking system with unlockables.
-Customizable cowboy look
-Unlockable weapons and upgrades
-Player blessing(An effect the player will have during a match. EX: Loot ammo off of dead players.)
-Multiple maps and game modes for different team sizes.
-A highscore list with top players.
-Possibly a single player and co-op mode.
-Gang management(A gang is like a clan)
-Gang battles for Honor(honor will be xp gained to give you different blessings to choose from)
-Automated tournament shootout for honor and gold
-Ability to take cover behind objects on the map and peek out to shoot.

*Again all of these are just ideas to be implemented.*

So thats a quick rundown of the game and some of my ideas for features.
I am familiar with basic java language and minor flash experience(highschool class)
I am not even sure which program(s) to use.Or what its even gonna be called. But this is square one!
I would be willing to learn a language completely for this project. I have heard it would be easier to have a client for this and to program it with c++

If you have any ideas or wana hop on the team reply to this and/or email me at sammy.hoggard@yahoo.com