Fremont Consulting is looking for a HP UX Sybase ASE Migration Consultant in Sacramento, CA.

The required Contractor Experience, Examples and References are described below. Contractor may meet the Required Experience described below via a combination of their proposed staffs work experience.

1. Required Experience

a. Minimum of four (4) years experience working in HP UX, Sybase ASE and SQL Anywhere DB, and with Client Server applications developed in PowerBuilder, C/C++, Object Oriented and Socket programming.

b. Minimum of four (4) years experience migrating client server applications to various platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Oracle.

c. Minimum of four (4) years experience developing and conducting relevant platform migrations of similar tax, financial or other large organizations within the industry today.

2. Required Examples

Contractor must provide two (2) specific migration examples that include level of complexity in prior efforts and should include similar components as listed in Required Experience a. and b. above.

Visit for more details or to apply: sacramento9to5 dot com