Looking for:
- Programmer - fluent in C++, experience with networking and physics engines

Current team consists of game designer and manager (me), artist for everything art related and sfx/composer for everything sound related. We're a hard working group and are taking this project seriously, so only apply if you have necessary skill and have enough time on your hands.

Short description:
<blockquote>More than cannons is a game where you play as a pirate sky captain in a world of flying ships and floating islands. Design your ship the way you like it and engage in merciless battles with other pirate captains in your quest of becoming the mightiest captain of them all! Ahoy!</blockquote>

For everything else please visit our blog:

Compensation plan:
<blockquote>Unpaid for now, once we create a fundraiser you'll get a share and of course you get an equal cut of the revenue when we release the game.

Share from fundraiser would be half the money we get split to four, meaning if we get 10.000 we would split 5.000 euro, meaning each team member gets 1.250 euro as a form of upfront payment to cover living expenses. The other half would go towards promotion, licenses and trips to expos.

When we release the game, profits would also be split equally once we pay off the distributors and any kind of other expenses, meaning if we have a monthly net profit of 10.000 you'd get 2.500. You wouldn't just get profits from the game, but from everything game related, for example merchandise. This sort of payment would continue until the game stops generating revenue, or indefinitely if that would not be the case. </blockquote>

If you're interested send me an email (I can't post it here, but you can see it on the linked blog on the right).