Hi, i'm looking to hire a programmer for datamining purposes. I already have the datamining program. I need a program that will open windows so my program can datamine. I have a freeware program that works but for only one type of dataming.

Example (working)

The current program when i click run simply double clicks each line (nba, nfl, mlb, nhl, ncaa) opening a new window allowing the dataming to be possible.

The problem i'm having is when it requires to do an extra step for a different type of dataming. It needs to double click the line (nba, nfl, mbl, nhl, ncca, etc), then a window pops, then it needs to click in a certain area in the window that just opened for the main window to open and datamining can began. I can't paste any links so i can give you an example. Assume your in C:\Windows, you will see a list of folders, addins, system, system32, etc. Once you click one of these folders, datamining begans for Type A. For type B, if you were to click to click system 32, there is an extra step, you need to click a button on the bottom left hand side in order for dataming to began (they're not actually folders). I can't sit around all day double clicking on lines to datamine which is why i need a program that will do it for me.

It is easier if i explain over skype/teamviewer. Please send me a private message through devshed if you done something like this in the past.

I think it's a simple command problem.

Working command: double click all lines

This works for Type A because all you need to do is double click once and datamining can began.

For Type B, you have to double click, then click a button on the bottom left so datamining can began.

If you can either edit current program to open type B or create a new program to open type B.