I run a school in Shanghai China.
We are looking for a teacher to teach Computer Science and Math.

* Teacher certificate is NOT required***
** I care about ability and work ethic, not pretty pieces of
***Chinese is not required, only English***

I am sure many of you run away at the words 'teaching' or 'China'. Let me introduce our program, goals and what we offer.

We are a new High School backed by one of the largest universities in China. Our school is for local Chinese students who want to go to the USA or other western countries to study university.

We focus on critical thinking skills and not memorizing facts to be forgotten a month later.

I am looking for a computer science teacher who can also teach mathmatics.

The Computer science teacher position entails

1. 12 hours a week teaching computer science to freshmen and sophmore high school students. You would be free to teach how you want, what you want. You would be helping create the curriculum and standards for the future.

2. This is all about expirimentation and innovation. I want someone who can give students projects, assignments, and teach them to figure it out, not hand out answers. Teach them to build robots, websites, whatever.

3.Class sizes are less than 15 per class.

4. you will be given computers, and a budget of a few hundred free to tell me what you want and need

5. housing, meals, visa will be paid for by the school

6. start date is Aug 19, first day of class is Sept 2

7. 8 hours of math a week will also be taught (pre calc to calc)

8. Max teaching hours a week is 20 hours a week

If interested please PM (forum will not allow me to post my email)

please include CV

please include a short 2-3 paragraphs introduction specifically

addressing the question of "What are the 10 most important things for a student to learn in Computer Science"