Let me introduce myself before I tell you about my agenda here. I'm a radiation safety officer at a nuclear power plant located in Finland. Let's just call me...... "Tommy", for now. The project I'm about to offer you first started from the realization, that the whole structure of management of our plant had expired. Lots of things that could have easily been tossed in the back of a hard drive, were still stored in files and folders. So, there's a good deal of things that need to be modernized and packed into a well designed software.

First of all, the layout of the plant is a horrible mess. There are more than 10 floors (which are divided into levels that correlate with the level of the ocean in the form of +3.00, +12.00 etc.) and several separate buildings (reactor building, branch building, social building, laboratory building...), AND there are two separate units, or plants if you will. All of this data is stored in a good old fashion folder. I envisioned the interface of this software to essentially hold the layout of the entire plant in a clean-looking way. Now, I've already obtained the layout plans of the plant in .pdf form, converted them into .jpg and connected the separate buildings (in their respective levels) in photoshop. Some levels are yet to be composed.

The basic functions for navigating with the layouts should be:

-the ability to view the layout of both plant units
-the ability to view them separately
-the ability to search for a particular room by it's respective location code (for example, 1R0334 -> unit 1, reactor building, level 3, room 34)
-the ability to navigate to the selected location from the location inputted to the software as the location of the PC.
-the ability to view the details of the selected room (i.e. the key required to access it, the pipelines that go through it, the jobs that have been performed there, the classification of radiation levels and contamination...)
-the ability to view the locations of various monitors
-the ability to view areas that have been isolated due to contamination (and which safety gear is required)
-the ability to view photos of a selected spot in the layout (maybe something like a google street view? if not too ambitious...)

Now, I mentioned these "pipelines" earlier. A nuclear power plant (a pressurized water reactor -type in this case) is filled with these. If you'd try to put them all in a single map, you wouldn't even be able to tell if it's a map you're looking at! That is why I think the best way would be to make a list of pipelines, of which you could choose the ones you desired to display in the layout. The radiation protection division should also be able to input data concerning the radiation levels of individual pipelines, which could be viewed when displaying the pipelines in the layout.

Consider this as a scratch to the surface of what I have in mind for this software. I know this is a big project, but the payoff is going to be even bigger, IF everything is properly executed.

So, finally, we'll talk about payment. The process is going to be like this: We'll gather a small team, of which members will all sign a digital contract that guarantees them a predefined percentage of the profits. This way, there's no financial risk for anyone and we don't have to set deadlines. I will own the copyrights to the software and take care of the marketing. If everything goes as planned, there's a good chance of making considerable profit through this project. However, I want to be perfectly clear that there is no 100% guarantee of success, even though I do have a lot of faith in this marketing plan.

Did I make a case? please don't hesitate to reply if you're interested!