Plexxi, Inc. - (Nashua, NH)

Job Description:

Python jouster. DevOps. Data Integration. Help shape the future. We're working on something new and we will be contributing to the community.


* Python experience (required)
* DevOps skills (required)
* Willing to travel (required)
* Participate in social media (required)
* The desire to kick *** and take names (required)
* Ruby skills (preferred)
* Familiar with Gevent/eventlet (preferred)
* You know what the "actor" model of programming is (preferred)
* Some clue about data modeling and integration (optional)
* AMQP dev experience (optional)

About Plexxi

Plexxi, Inc is an application networking company. We produce a network "single-system image" solution consisting of hardware and software. We integrate with everything.

Contact Info:

Contact: cloudtoad (DM me here on devshed)
Telecommuting OK <-- Indeed. Boston or Milwaukee areas preferred but not required.