Looking for 2 developers with following skills:

1. MS-SQL 7/2000 Server software/T-SQL programming (min. 3 years required )

2. Cold fusion 3/4/MX programming (min. 3 years required )

3. HTML (min. 3 years required)

4. Javascript (min. 3 years required)

5. Windows OS environment and IIS (min. 3 years required)

6. Dream Weaver 4/MX (min. 1 year required)

7. ftp, email, and pdf programming experience for report
generation and data delivery (min. 2 years required)

8.must be located in VA/DC/MA area. The job is for 2 years.

9. Please provide two (2) public web site URLs that demonstrate your ability to design and develop database driven web pages using the software/operating systems listed above.

Please e-mail your resume in Word or pdf file to career@petratech.com