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    Wanted: Perl/PHP/MySQL Programmer

    Hi Everyone,

    I need a perl programmer and a php programmer to modify/upgrade existing scripts. I'd prefer to find someone who is good at both perl *and* php, but I will still consider working with you if you are good at only one of those. All else equal, I prefer someone in the US, but I will consider programmers in any location.

    The person I'm looking for has the following qualities:

    - Easy to work with
    - Good at modifying code written by others
    - Writes neat and well documented code
    - Willing to make suggestions / guide me / give me options when appropriate
    - Good with MySQL interaction, cookies, sessions, or anything else one might find in a large set of scripts
    - Reasonable rates (inexpensive is good since I don't have large money, but I want you to be happy about working with me.)
    - Good grasp of usability issues for users

    I also need someone who is willing to sign a non-disclosure / non-compete agreement regarding what we work on together. (and take it seriously, of course.) I'll own finished code.

    It's an extra plus if you are cognisant of search engine issues.

    I typically have jobs that are probably a few hours at a time, so I'll just be some side work for you. Every once in awhile, I have something more extensive. I have one of each right now. I need a skilled coder who will bill me by the hour. Please private message me with interest, let me know what you are good at, any extra skills, what your rates are, and show me an example or two of your work.

    Thank you for looking.
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    Dear Sir,

    I am a software developer and leader of a designers and programmers
    group at Vietnam . My mail is huyvtran@gawab.com. After reviewing your requirement, we would like to
    apply for the job . Our rate is only $10 per hour . If you
    agree, please send me an email which explains more information about this
    job. We will work for you soon

    Some website we did :




















    If you choose me as your contractor I would like to offer the following
    package of services for your convenience:

    1)I will provide free support and maintenance for 12 months following
    the delivery of product;

    2)the deployment and installation are free of charge.

    We will be able to deliver the product at right time as you require
    after we gather complete requirements from you.

    We will prepare detailed reports about the work accomplished every day.
    The daily reports will help you constantly monitor the product
    development and help us timely react to any changes that can arise during the
    development. The repositories of the project will be also updated every
    day. I will provide excellent support on every stage of the development
    process and quality control is another important point I pay a lot of
    attention to. I guarantee development within budget and consider
    delivering within deadlines to be very important. I avoid any delivery delays
    as they cause my clients dissatisfaction and damage company?ôs
    reputation. The services package that I are offering will strongly reduce your
    outsourcing risks. Please, review my offer carefully.

    Looking forward to doing business with you.


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    Hello, my name is Paul and I own a small web design company is Tampa Florida. I know php well, and understand perl. I don't normally use perl, I like php much better, but sometimes I need to edit perl scripts, so I can still work with it. I am easy to work with, and I do not like to be a "quite" programmer, meaning that my job is to basically map out the entire project. Starting from the theory of the design to the marketing after the site is finished. My specialty is creating scripts that have specific purposes not normally needed by most sites. I like original work.

    I can not compete with the 10 dollar an hour quote that is stated above, but I am reasonable and can work terms out in many ways.

    My design site is http://www.open-a-business.com/index.html
    3 more examples on that site.

    Thank you. Please email me at: paulc218@hotmail.com or contact@open-a-business.com
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    Dear sir,
    I'm a software development, I know php very well and I feel I can cooperate with you. You can test my knowledge if you want. I often online on Internet. My email address: daykem_th@yahoo.com.
    Thank you.
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    I can compete with $9 dollars per hour. email me for details
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    We can offer high quality, professional PHP development. We also have experience with Perl, but our main languages are Java and PHP.

    Also with all our projects we can include for free (if necessary) our automated persistence package which is available on our site for java http://jslope.com/formpers.html and in testing stage for php.

    One of our recent projects in php is automated hosting software which allows recursive resellers, it is deployed now here:
    (You can register for free to view all the functionality)

    We can compete with $10/hour, but we and our customers prefer Extreme Programming approach, when project is devided in smaller tasks called "stories" each with an ETA less than 2 weeks, so customer pay for these smaller task. Advantage is that customer knows when project will be finished and how much he will need to pay.

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