I have the following menu system, which uses the third image of a multiple mouseover to display and link to other pages. the third image being the imagemap !

Trouble is I cant find how to achieve the last stage. getting the links on the image map, and also changing the links with each imagemap selected.

// submenu is third image of mouseover

submenu0 = new image();
submenu0 = "images/subm_blankov.gif";

submenu1 = new image();
submenu1 = "images/subm_photosov.gif";

submenu2 = new image();
submenu2 = "images/subm_newsov.gif";

// menu options

menu1 = new image();
menu1.src ="images/m_photos.gif
menu1on = new image ();
menu1on.src = "images/m_photosov.gif

menu2 = new image();
menu2.src ="images/m_news.gif
menu2on = new image ();
menu2on.src = "images/m_newsov.gif

function imagechange(imageid,imagename,imageid2,imagename2){
{ document.images[imageid].src = eval(imagename + ".src");
document.images[imageid2].src = eval(imagename + ".src");


<A href "" onmouseout="imagechange('one','menu1') onmouseover="imagechange('global'.'submenu1','menu1on')"><img src="images/m_photos.gif width=113 height=19 name=one></a>

the problem is when M_photos.gif is displayed as an image map the links relating to that graphic remain even when the second menu option is selected and another image map is put in its place in the same screen space.

If any one can help, I will be most appreciative and if appropriate link you with a logo on my service clubs website. its the least I can do for an resolve on this one.

Cheers from

Lions Clubs N.Z