anyone have an idea how i could set up an array to array threw some specified txt files, via button on document, and to have another button which would post the wanted txt file in a textarea on the document?
What I'm wanting to do is to have a textarea on a page, and underneath it a button for next and a button for back, these buttons would array threw the specified txt files, and I guess a text input would be above the buttons, and under the textarea and this is where the title of the txt file would go, so the user would know which file they are on at the time, and then you would need another button that would post the file you want in the textarea. Is that clear?
I have no idea how to do this, so if anyone wants to give me a quik sample, that wuld be great! This should be a pretty fun script to make, so if you can try it out. I am totally stumped on how to pull this off, code wise, the physics seem possible, but again I have no idea how to make it happen. So again if you could post me up a quik sample that would be awesome, and very much appreciated!

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