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    Continuously Updating a webpage

    I have a web page and a server that uses CGI scripts written in python. When I button is hit on the page the CGI scripts runs and sends commands through the serial port to one of my microcontrollers. This works ok to just send a button, string, or receive a response to that button press.

    But I want to be able to continuously update the webpage with the status of my MCU (microcontroller). Like if a switch is pressed or the temperature goes up in my circuit. O a continuous update of a motors speed.

    I tried the html code:
    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content=".05">

    But it is terrible for high speed (.05 sec). I cant even push a button it is refreshing so fast.

    I have read about socket programming in python to keep the connection from the client and server going to seamlessly update content. I need to update the content that is generated by my servers COM port.

    What can I use to do this? Is there good examples that you know of?

    Thank you.
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    I'd suggest using AJAX to do this. Set up your page to display some details and use an AJAX function to get the data from your server on a set interval. For something like this, you can always set your function up to call itself on success so basically a never-ending loop of fetching new results. It will also save a lot of bandwidth as you'd only need to send back some basic JSON data, and not the entire pages HTML code.

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