I've found a couple of very useful scripts at


- one allows users to add personalized memos to a personalised version of your page, the other allows them to add their own bookmarks. The advantage of this one is that you can delete each URL individually if you wish. A similar one allows people to add their own memos and reminders on your page.

Very useful if you need these features - others may like to try them.

Both of course are javascripts with cookies. However, I have found that they upsett anothercookie thing I have on the site - a farewall popunder (yes, I know not everyone likes them) which is meant to only popup once (inviting a newsletter subscription).

However, with these new cookie scripts, the previous cookie popunder stript is not now popping up all the time. The other scripts are obviously over-riding the cookie in the popunder. Any idea how to stop it being affected by the new

The popunder script is at


and one of the offending scripts is at


Thanks for any wisdom