JLingos is a multilingual applet builder for anyone from the average homepage owner to the serious web developer. JLingos lets the user create cool applets on the fly, in 41 different languages and without any programming invloved. JNews provides an intuitive and quick way to create eye-catching news banners or news boxes with a headline and up to seven lines of rolling text. JPublisher allows for the rapid creation and display of multiple page text boxes in which a user can flip through pages of text. JShow makes designing exciting slide shows and presentations for your clients and friends as easy as 1-2-3. Just set the properties (color, font size, dimension of applet), enter multi-lingual text via our virtual keyboards, and upload to your site. Jlingos is the tool which enhances your Web site, attracts global users, and gives your homepage an international flavor.


Website: http://www.slangsoft.com/code/JLingos.html