I'm trying to make a quick lbutton on a home page that a user can customize so that it links to the page they want. I'm guessing it needs to use a cookie, and prob j/script as well, but dont seem to be getting anywhere.
Anyone any good ideas?
As an example - say I had a site with 20 bands on, each with their own page. I want a button that will link to a persons fav band, after they have told it what their fav band is.
So, I'll need a page, and a dropdown box with all the bands available. how would i make their choice be saved as a cookie, but not just what that band is, but rather the address/link of that bands page?? eg. they like britney (um...??), so they choose britney, the cookie then makes the link on the button on the home page britney.htm

Please, any ideas or any help - even pointing at some site where they might no - anything at all?!!