Hello, I Am a freelance graphic designer with a site that is due to be launched on the 30th of nov.-- Here's the dilema-- I set up the index page to have a frameset of 5 rows with the 4th being a frameset of 2 columns. The graphic in the 3rd row is perfect and never moves- it's supposed to line up with the column on the left in the 4th row.
The column on the left has a width specified at "10" The column on the right has a value of "*" and is where the content of the site is directed to. The graphic in the 3rd and the column in the 4th line up only when the browser is a certain size but if the browser is maximized even slightly it moves. I've been screwing with this thing for weeks now and I feel like I've tried everything- Does anyone know how to make that column stay put? --please help me!

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