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    New to html programming.

    I'm needing to be pointed in the right direction I'm not very good with web design so be patient with me. I'm trying to create a simple one page website that does the following.

    Accepts 2 parameters ApplicationName and Level defined as follows:


    (A line from the text file so if the line is "TextEdit: 1.9" ApplicationName = TextEdit)

    Level - Options are (* H M L)

    Then I want to insert the name and level into the following url strings as follows:


    So basically I need to add the url strings together with the user input in the desired locations and then redirect to that page. Hopefully ending up with something like:


    I am getting my data from a txt file that is formatted in the format of:

    TextEdit: 1.9

    AppleScript Editor: 2.6

    Arduino: 1.0.5

    TextWrangler: 4.5.3


    So first I need to upload that data into html somehow. Do I need to create a database? Or is it possible to just read a new line from the text file for each application automatically? What is the easiest way to accomplish this. Is it possible to just import the whole txt file into html and display it as a list of links?
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    You'll have to do a little more research, but for someone with experience it should be easy, and I'm sure you can learn to do this too. Here's some general steps...

    1. Create an HTML Form, with an input type file, so you can upload your file to the server.

    2. Once your file is on the server, using whatever server side languages are there, you can parse the text file. The most common server side language is PHP, and is simple to learn. Others include the .Net framework, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python.... There are many.

    3. Once you have the information from the file, you should be able to redirect the user to whatever page you like, with the parameters you required.

    Try with step 1 first. If you get hung up on specific issues you can ask more specific questions.

    Good Luck!

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