Does anyone know how I can make a dropdown menu using layers (hidden-shown div) that will drop down from a heading that is dynamically moved in the x-axis on resize ?

Please take a look at a sample layout at : http://www.bema.no/dev/layoutFront.htm

As you can see, the elements grows and shrinks with resize fitting a layout for both 800X600 and 1024X786. The heading in question is the text "menu". How can I make a dropdown menu always appear right under "menu" and still keep the current layout ?

Is it possible to add a div-layer beneath this table, set the stylesheet top:-x, where x is the amout of pixels necessary needed to make the menu appear directly below "menu", and run a javascript that changes the 'left' value of the div onResize ? Could that work ?

Any help would be appreciated : )

Best Regards
Eirik Kj°lsrud, Norway