here's the rub:

web-based application (jsp-based with client-side javascript), each page is dynamically compiled at run-time (multi-lingual and region-specific support), user has ability to open multiple windows at any time, impractical to assign unique names everytime a new window is opened (3,000+ pages), if user logs off app I need to be able to close all other open windows that have been spawned from within the app at the time of logout. Theoretically, I should be able to identify most windows through their parent opener, however the user could also open new windows by right-clicking or even opening another browser...

I'm running into dead-ends establishing a common script architecture where the source window will send information that target windows can parse in order to determine what action, if any, the targets should take. Here's what I'm thinking along the lines of:

<script id="scriptCoordinator" language="javascript">
targetid = "4123412";

function sendMsg(msg, hint) {
// called when this is a target of the coordination

function fireMsg(msg) {
// called when this is the source of the coordination

so my question (finally) is this:

Does anyone know of any examples of a similiar solution achieved through javascript? Assigning a scriptlet to each page that calls it to close itself if a certain criteria is met seems to be what I need, but I haven't had that epiphany yet and figured out a working solution. Is this going to be possible, or is it just a mgmt pipe dream?