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    I'm trying to write some Javascript that is standards compliant. I have a captive audience, so I can dictate which browser they use.

    I want to write the application to the standard so I don't have to revisit it during the next round of browser releases.

    I wrote the following script that works fine in IE 5, but acts differently in Mozilla M16.

    After clicking the first checkbox, in Mozilla the "document.getElementById("served").checked" does not come back as "true" until after the script is done running.

    IE5 sets the value to "true" before the script runs (which makes sense to me).

    I suspect it is a Mozilla bug, but I can't find any bug reports. Is this the standard? If so, I'll reverse the logic to make it work and require everyone to use Mozilla/Netscape6 (once they are released).


    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">

    function markthis(value) {

    if(document.getElementById("served").checked) {

    document.getElementById("turnedaway").checked = false




    <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="served" onClick="markthis(this)"><p>
    <INPUT TYPE="checkbox" name="turnedaway">



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    Technically speaking - NS6 is the most standards compliant browser to date.

    However the plain truth is that IE5 works and the present release of NS6 does not, there are several big nasty bugs in the preview release.

    If NS fix all the bugs then they win the compatibility contest - but until then you are just going to have to guess how the final release will behave!

    PS: IE5 for mac is supposed to be more/as standardised as NS6 - but it too does not work properly - although that may be something to do with its platform?


    Simon Wheeler
    FirePages -DHTML/PHP/MySQL

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