I'm trying to write a javascript which uses the concept of the script which only opens a pop-up window the first time a visitor comes to a site in order to change the content of my shockwave Flash plugin. My flash site begins with a movie which ends by animating my user interface. I want my site to start with this movie, rather than an intro page, for dramatic effect, but I don't want this to become redundant. The problem is that when a visitor goes to a differen't part of my site and then navigates back to my home page they have to watch the whole movie again. Of course they could use my other navigation buttons but I would really like to be able to alter flash content depending on all user actions. My intial strategy was to write a cookie and then check to see if a user had been to my site before. I would then use document.write to create one of two web pages dynamically which would include the appropriate flash file inside the <object> tag. I had some success with this in the sense that my script worked from IE session to IE session, but not within one session. That is, it worked if I closed the browser and then reopened it. I think this is due to the fact that the "smart" Active X handler in IE caches the URL along with the classID of the <object> tag for use within a single session? Anyways, My hack idea so far was to use a frameset with two windows. One which displayed the content generated from a the other window which contained the javascript which would dynamically provide it. This content would itself be one of two framesets, each containing a differen't URL which in turn contained a differen't flash file. My idea was that if the Active x handler was associating the classID with a URL then I would provide a differn't URL inside the a frameset whose URL would remain the same!? At this point I have probably invested way too much time, but I'm in too deep now to just give up. I would have to trash my flash movie or just live with it as is. My problem now is that my knowledge of framesets and javascript isn't very good. Is there an experienced Javascripter out there who can advise me to give up or try something else? Is my idea completely hairbrained or should I push on with it? Please help. Thanks