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    I'm having a few problems with NS seeing that some of the layers that I have are actually objects.
    I have show() and hide() that work, I just don't want to have onmouseover=15 hides
    so, I tried to create an array that lists all of the layers. Then, a function hides all of those layers and shows only the ones that need be - here is the function:

    function showSubNav(left,right) {
    layername = new Array(layernames are here);
    for(i= 0 ; i < 16 ; i++) {
    my html code looks like this:
    <a href="" onmouseover="showSubNav(layerleft,layerright);">

    The layers exist and if my html code looked like this, it would work:

    <a href="" onmouseover="show(layerleft); show(layerright); hide(hiddenlayer); hide(morehiddenlayers until done);">

    But all that code is extrenious - the show()'s and hide()'s do work though.

    So, basically, when I call the showSubNav() function, netscape then kicks back that the first element in the array list is not an object.
    But, if I had done it out long hand, it would have worked, so therefore the object does exist.

    Ok, I hope that I just made sense.

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    you just have to tell your hide script which div to hide - in the code below you need to set active as the div that is visible when the page opens - if you have no visible divs on the page opening make one that is empty and invisible because you need to set active to something.

    Then your mouseover would be ="SL('nameofdiv')".... etc, then the div is made visible and active is set as the open layer which will get closed on the next SL('nameofdiv') call.

    var active='div1';
    function SL(id) {
    if (document.all) { document.all[active].style.visibility = "hidden" } else {
    document.layers[active].visibility = "hide"}
    if (document.all) { document.all[active].style.visibility = "visible" } else {
    document.layers[active].visibility = "show"}

    you can modify this code to open and close multiple divs quite easily, you just need to set a few more variables.

    (and yes my browser sniffing looks a bit dodgy but only V4+ browsers ever get sent to this page)


    Simon Wheeler
    FirePages -DHTML/PHP/MySQL
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    No very sure, but why don't try:


    Hope it helps

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