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    I may have posted this in the wrong area...
    Hi I have been working on my site for the past few days with no problems. I use IE 5. Today at school I logged in from a different computer useing IE 5, and got about 20 script errors saing that the interface wasn't acceptable (or something about the interface being bad). I have no idea what is causing this or how to fix it! Can someone shed some light on this for me????


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    I had a look at your site with IE5, got no errors. Maybe you've fixed it? However, I couldn't even check your code, since it's not in the source! Try right-clicking and "view source" of your pages... nothing but "roadmap" references and Tripod popups. If you want help, you should include the EXACT error message(s), and make sure your code is, like, visible, eh? If you do this, I'd be happy to spend my valuable time trying to help :-)
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    using ie5.0, no errors, however i was able to view your source, tripod really lays the pop ups on.

    if your running scripts and your stuff works, i have an error suppression script that has worked well for me.
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    FWIW, the link to the 'mp3' section is broken (it points to 'getpaid.htm' instead of 'mp3.htm')

    And there is no point in zipping mp3s - it won't save any space
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    On your navigation bar (the left-side frame) your MP3 picture links to getpaid.html (this was allready, but he wasn't clear on which mp3 link it was, there are 2 on this guys page.) And, on the 2nd frame, the content area, all your links (except the mp3.htm, which is broken too, btw) are in black and are really hard to read...

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    I get only 1 error message stating a syntax error in line 1. (Using MSIE4 SR1)
    The only thing I can see in the source is that you use </noscript> without the opening tag <noscript>.


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