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    I am not sure this is the correct forum, so please redirect me if it is.

    I use Spam Cop as a filter, due to recent changes I've had to create a second account with my ISP to use this filter.

    My problem is that I cannot find in preferences where to create a second account within Communicator 4.6. I am using Win98.
    I've tried "Help" and the Netscape Website which are of no assistance at all.


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    Not exactly sure what you're doing so I'll assume... When you wrote "you had to add a second account", I'm assuming you mean a second POP email box. If so, Netscape doesn't support multiple POP accounts. You might consider using EudoraPro or Outlook (full version). To use Netscape Messenger you would need to configure Messenger each time you want to check for messages in a specific email box (acct).

    Maybe you should ask your provider to add a spam filter on their end, as a convience to all users?? Some do, some don't.
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    Vernon Frazee
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    You can have a number of different user profiles setup in Netscape
    Communicator. (For example there are currently 13 setup on this
    machine -- most of which are on various ISPs too). Once you have more
    than one user setup, before Netscape's browser actually loads a new
    small Select Profile menu pops up allowing you to select which of the
    user profile's you want to use.

    To start setting it up, close Netscape (if loaded) and click: Start|
    Program Files|Netscape Communicator|Utilities|User Profile Manager.

    You'll need the following pieces of information:

    o User's Full Name (i.e., the name that will appear on outgoing mail)
    o Email Address (i.e., the address that will appear on outgoing mail)
    o (Profile Name [defaults to the user-name portion of email address])
    o (The default new user's directory is displayed and can be changed)
    o Outgoing mail [SMTP] server (e.g., smtp.netcom.com)
    o Mail server user name (i.e., your mailbox name / e.g., shamrock)
    o Incoming Mail Server (e.g., pop.netcom.com)
    o News [NNTP] server (e.g., news.netcom.com)

    That's it. Now you're ready to load Netscape using that user's profile
    and then alter whatever you like in Edit|Preferences. Any changes made
    to this profile, such as bookmarks, homepage, cache directory and
    whatever else you like, do not effect any other user's settings.

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