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    Question Open and close framesets as full screen pop-up windows?


    I like using frames because it automatically takes care of the 800 vs.1024 problem.

    1. Need to open each frameset as a full screen pop-up with no tool bars.
    I have done this.

    2. Need to link from within a frame and open a new full screen pop-up frameset.
    I have done this.


    1. What window/frameset.open code will allow the window/frameset to remain popped?

    2. What window/frameset.close code will allow each frame set to close in reverse order
    by clicking on a link in a frame to close its own frameset?
    specify closing the popped/frameset?

    I can not seem to get the right combinations of:


    with window.close

    I have seen a link statement do two scripts one after the other is that the answer?
    If so how?

    Below is the code I,m using to pop-up a frameset.

    <title>popup full screen window</title>

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "javascript">

    var win= null;
    function FullWindow(mypage,myname,w,h,toolbar,scroll){

    var sw = screen.width
    var sh = screen.height

    // Enter as a decimal percent of screen size
    var ww = .99 // desired window width
    var wh = .92 // desired window height
    var wt = .00 // desired window top
    var wl = .00 // desired window left

    // Convert percentages to pixels for all screen resolutions
    ww = Math.ceil(sw * ww) // you could enter
    wh = Math.ceil(sh * wh) // actual pixels
    wt = Math.ceil(sh * wt) // replacing
    wl = Math.ceil(sw * wl) // Math.ceil(?? * ??)

    var settings ='height=' +wh +',';
    settings +='width=' +ww +',';
    settings +='top=' +wt +',';
    settings +='left=' +wl +',';
    settings +='scrollbars='+scroll+',';
    settings +='toolbar='+toolbar+',';
    settings +='resizable=yes';

    if(parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4){win.window.focus();}


    <a href="framesetnames/index.htm"onclick="FullWindow(this.href,'name','0','0','no','yes');return false">Directory</a>

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