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    I see these poping up all over the net, and just recently asked a friend what they all were. He replied and I came to a realizeation that I was doing everything the hard way. Now that I know what shtml is, and what it does, I need to know how to use it. That same freind explained that it's very simple to use, but hard to explain. So can somebody please point me in the direction of a good tutorial or some sort of explanation on how to use shtml? Ive searched various sites, but have been unsuccesful?

    Thanks for your time, and please help me
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    shtml stands for 'server-parsed html'.
    the shtml extension is needed to use server-side includes in your web pages.

    e.g. you have a cgi script that counts the hits you get on your page, and prints the number of hits, and you want to have that number in your page somewhere. then you have to rename the bla.html file to bla.shtml so the webserver knows it has to be parsed. then the server will execute the code for your counter, and print the output from that script to your (s)html page.

    hmm. i'm not that good in explaining stuff, but this should help you a bit
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    Go to http://www.hotwired.com/webmonkey and do a search for SSI or XSSI.

    An especially good introduction at-

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    That's a pretty good article, but I always liked the way the guy at Bignosebird explained things. This is the laymans layman!


    And, if you want to get technical, check out the Apache mod_include documentation:



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