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    I'm trying to get a layer (in Netscape...) to respond to mouse clicks. Currently the text in the layer is a link and what I would like is for another layer to pop up when the link is clicked on (defining the word in the link) The problem is that I can't name each individual layer and use absolute references (there are a too many definitions) so I need to backtrace from the link to the layer it's in. I have no clue how to do this--I can acess the document of the bottom layer but I don't know how to get to the layer above (document.layers.parentLayer does not work)
    Any ideas?
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    Hi there!

    Im not quite sure if this helps but i post it anyway

    As youre trying to popup or hide a layer it would really be a good idea to name it (at least those layers you want to do the tricks with)
    Anyway, if you cant name them would it be possible to pass the info from the anchor you are using to the function?
    <a href="javascript:show_layer(layer_name,layer_on_wich_anchor_was_clicked);"></a>

    Just an idea
    take care

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