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    I am putting together a website for a photographer friend, and he would like a description (one or two sentences) displayed when the mouse moves over a thumbnail. He wants this description to appear in the bottom left corner of the screen with the thumbnails to the right of this. As there will be about 20+ thumbnails per category, i've had to make this a separate frame. So, my question is:

    How can I display text is a different frame when the mouse passes over an image?

    I can do it in the same frame using something like

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">
    /* Show an object */
    function showObject(object) {
    object.visibility = VISIBLE;
    /* Hide an object */
    function hideObject(object) {
    object.visibility = HIDDEN;

    and later on

    <a href= ... onmouseover="showObject(desc1)"
    onmouseout="hideObject(desc1)"> ... </a>

    (That's using an IE style class for the desc, Navigator I deal with as

    /* Simple version detection */
    var isNS = (navigator.appName == "Netscape" && parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4);

    /* They can be used in place
    of hidden and visible because on occasion Navigator has problems with the two */
    var HIDDEN = (isNS) ? 'hide' : 'hidden';
    var VISIBLE = (isNS) ? 'show' : 'visible';

    /* Create shortcut variables for different absolutely positioned elements */
    var desc1 = (isNS) ? document.desc1 : document.all.desc1.style;

    Is there a simple variation on these themes that I can use, or do I need a total re-write?

    J K-C
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    this worked for me:

    suppose the frame that you wanted to load s called "one" and the html page you want to load into that frame is called one.html.

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    Unfortunately, that will require you to have a page for each thumbnail, although this could be overcome using a large page with an anchored area for each thumbnail:


    I've been thinking about this though, and I'm wondering if you could use document.write? I'm not though, JavaScript security might prevent it. Try this:

    onMouseOver="top.frames[1].document.write('Text to be displayed here'); return true"


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