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    Okay. I'll try not to be too long winded.

    I would like [Graphic A] to change to [Graphic 1], [Graphic 2], [Graphic 3], etc, when the mouse is rolled over [Link 1], [Link 2], [Link 3], etc. I don't wish for the link graphics to change.

    I know a script for such a beast exists, but I haven't had it in over a year (crashes: damn them all...).

    I've seen scripts o' plenty that change the image one mouses over, but I'm having no end of trouble finding this. Gack!

    How is this done?

    Thanks in advance for yer help. =)

    =) Bud!
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    Stick this in [link 1]:


    If you want the image to be altered only while the mouse is over the link use this as well:


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    Hey there, Ms. Christine.

    Have I mentioned that you rock my world?

    Thank you, oh THANK YOU a thousand times over for your sage advice.

    I be geekin' at full speed.

    Kindest regards,

    =) Bud!

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