This question doesn't fit nicely into any specific sub-forum, so you'll have to forgive me if I placed it incorrectly.

I am receiving HTML from a server that is serving up an incorrect MIME type - text/plain instead of text/html. IE has no issue with this, as it ignores the MIME type; however, FF and Chrome both use this to choose the action for the document. I don't have access to correct the server's issue, so that is out of the question. For various reasons, I cannot use IE for my goals, so using that browser is not a solution.

I was hoping there is a programmatic way of getting around this issue. I wrote a Greasemonkey script to resolve the issue... but this hides the underlying elements from other extensions, such as Firebug (you only see GM elements). Is there anyway to force FF or Chrome to treat all text/plain as text/html? Or any other solutions on how to resolve the issue?