My name is Lark Anderson, and I am designing a website for the annual ThinkQuest scholorship competition (for more info,
visit ). My website is called F1 Web Help, and is designed to help out people who intend on
starting out building websites, setting up servers, designing graphics, building a computer, learning HTML, and other assorted
computer/web related things. It also contains a JavaScript section, which is where I need your help.

I am a scripter myself, but I can only do so much, and am interested in people of other skill levels and abilities. I would like
to know if anyone would be interested in contributing to my JavaScript Codebank. All you will need to do is send me any
JavaScripts that you design or may have designed in the past for posting in this section. I'm sorry, but I can not offer you any
kind of compensation other than a link to a homepage and/or e-mail address and of course full recognition and credit for your

If you are interested, e-mail your scripts to me at , but please adhere to these basic rules:
* Please zip any scripts you have, and make separate archives if you are sending multiple scripts.
* Please include an easily understandable readme file including instructions on how to install/use the script.
* Please use the subject header "Script Submittion" to catch my attention easier.
* And the most important thing: I cannot use any scripts submitted to me after Thursday, August 12 because FTP
access will be closed to me. So please don't submit any scripts to me after that.

Thank you very much! I can really use your help! Just think of all the fame and fortune you (may) get! At the very least, you
can help 3 high school students out on their way to college to major in a computer related field to better help you out later on
and make the world a better place. As for our site, it is residing on a password protected test server until the 16th and
unfortunately, you won't be able to view it until then.

Thanks again, and sorry for such a long post!

Lark Anderson