I have an application working on the Web with IE4. However, I was checking it out with IE5 and there are problems!! It seems that the problem is around the fact that in IE4 I can populate a selection list with a line like the following;

PickListCtrl.options[j] = new Option(ArrayName[i][0]);

But it does not work with IE5! More details below. I can put up alert boxes with the contents of ArrayName but contents are not populating the PickListCtrl.

where: I send a selection field to a function into the PickListCtrl variable passing the selection field like this

myFunction(lower.document.forms[0].RepList, upper.RepArray) (lower and upper are frame names)

function myFunction(PickListCtrl, ArrayName)
yada yada...
{i is a loop variable)
(j is a loop variable 0 to size of ArrayName)
PickListCtrl.options[j] = new Option(ArrayName[i][0]);

yada yada...

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!