I have a pretty simple homepage (will probably transfer to Wordpress sometime soon) but I would like to put on theme based music and either have it on shuffle or have them be able to select the song they want. I'd love to have a number of playlists to select from as well.

I have uploaded the mp3 files and put them one folder down from the root folder.

I would like to stay away from services like Playlist.com and such if that is possible and stay with the songs that I upload to my site myself so that I know they are there and working if the site is up.

Can anyone help me out with this? I really appreciate this.

I already have this:
   <p><center><font color=#FFFFFF>Three Little Birds</font></center></p>     <center> <embed src="ThreeLittleBirds96k.mp3" autostart="true" width="400" height="20"></center>
and that works fine for one song but it does start off awful loud - is there a way to set the volume at say 20=30%?