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    i am making css in html please i do no know class and dive please any one person help me in class and dive.
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    <div class="class_name">Div content goes in here.</div>
    There you go. There's a div with a class set. Anything else?
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    I'd define them kinda like:

    DIV is a highlighter.
    CLASS is a title/definition

    Odd example. You have 15 people. You use your DIV tag to highlight the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd groups of 5 people. Your document now holds 3 open/close DIV tags. Now, within your DIV tags, you define their CLASS. 1st being class="TeamA" and 2nd being class="TeamB". This, within your stylesheet, you can now define TeamA as the Red team, so all text will appear Red. TeamB being Blue team, all text Blue. 3rd class can be class="Audience" and defined as Bold/Italic.

    Sorry for the odd example, but just saying DIV selects the area/items you wish to define in a preset manner.

    EDIT: This helps you make a single set of definitions with multiple attributes you may use in many instances around your site, without having to duplicate and reassign the attributes per instance.

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