I am a hobbyist trying to learn HTML the correct way. I know the basics but want to get more familiar with all possibility's as recommended by the W3C.

My question is about how to use the W3C website correctly. I am trying to find some things but have trouble looking them up.

I am trying to find the 'lessons' as to say published by the W3C. When I use Google to search I am able to find them in 2 versions.
*REC-html40 in the /TR/ sub-directory.
*html-markup in the /TR/ sub-directory.

What the exact difference is I can not figure out for myself. The second link to me seems to be more of an in dept tutorial on elements. However it does not state in which HTML doctype they should work and by what browsers they are supported.

But my real question is how do I get a good overview of all lessons offered by the W3C. When I visit:
*/TR/ sub-directory.
I get a list of the complete work from which it is pretty difficult to find what you are looking for not having a technical background I suppose.

What I am actually looking for is the same type of information concerning CSS and JavaScript and was wondering if the W3C has the same type of information/tutorials on these two subjects.

I hope my question makes any sense as I maybe got you lost trying to describe what it is I am actually trying to look for/figure out.

Edit: My apologies for the weird method of linking to the exact pages on the website but it seems new members are not allowed to post links.
With the sub-directory I mean the path to the content behind the exact domain w3c.org